Playing for Change ♥ Kids

Dear friends

Cristina Stenbeck / Sara Damber

As the Chair and the CEO of Playing for Change Foundation – a social initiative, co-created by the Kinnevik Group companies – we would like to share with you the accomplishments of 2011.

Children are important stakeholders to our business everywhere. So what can we do to make the world a better place for kids? Well, what we do best: finding the best people and giving them the conditions to succeed.

Therefore Playing for Change invests in social entrepreneurs who help children and youth to a better life. So far we have supported 1,150,000 children on three continents and the journey continues.

Cristina Stenbeck / Sara Damber
Chair, Playing for Change / CEO, Playing for Change

Our Impact

Children supported in 2010: 310,00. In 2011: 850,000. The number of supporters engaged went from 65 to 272 during the same period. Income (TSEK): Total: 15,262 (91% Co-funders, 6% Project-specific partners, 3% Dontations) - Operational Costs (TSEK): Total 13,094 (65% Programs, 22% Call to action, 8% Administration, 3% CSR, 2% Development/Innovation)
  • 413 people applied to be a Playmaker during 2011
  • 17 playmakers were admitted to the Incubator
  • 850,000 children in Sweden, Ghana and Russia were supported
  • 2,400 opinion leaders were engaged by Playing for Change and Playmakers
  • 87% of Playmakers were in dialogue with policy makers
  • 272 supporters (partner co-workers) were engaged
  • 41 advisors from the Kinnevik Group in Ghana and Sweden supported the Playmakers
  • 20 problem solvers from Kinnevik, Millicom Korsnäs, Metro, MTG and Tele2

The World We Change

We’ve empowered 1,150,000 children in three countries so far

  • Nils Holm, På Rätt Köl

    The Swedish school system lacks the proper tools to educate young people with ADHD/ADD, something that often keeps them from completing their education. På rätt köl's innovative high school program helps students, who until now haven’t attended school at all, reach graduation.

  • Laila Lindberg, Läkande lek

    The number of refugee children so traumatized by war and severe experiences that they become apathetic is increasing in Sweden. Through play pedagogy, Läkande lek provides relief for children affected by war, hunger and abuse.

  • Ida Östensson, Crossing Boarders

    Sweden invests more money, resources and attention in leisure activities that are popular with boys than in activities popular with girls. Crossing Boarders educates organizations and associations with an action method that opens up for equal participation and promotes an active leisure for girls.

  • Johan Wendt, Mattecentrum

    Sweden is one of many countries in which the know-ledge of mathematics, science and technology has deteriorated in latter years. By arranging math labs in Sweden and Denmark, and using digital tools in weden, Denmark, Norway and the US, Mattecentrum promotes the knowledge of and interest in mathematics.

  • Ndonwie Peter, PAORP-VWC

    Many children in Ghana are unable to attend school. PAORP-VWC struggles in Cameroon and the northern regions of Ghana to provide children with an education. PAORP-VWC operates on different social levels and focuses on girls especially.

  • Marie-Eve Lemieux & Mohammed Khaled, ABaCoDe

    ABaCoDe empowers children by engaging them in basketball and offering them life-skill training which leads to a strengthened local capacity. In 2011 they have involved almost 300 children in Nima, a non-privileged area of Accra.

  • Deborah Ahenkorah, The Golden Baobab Prize

    African youth lack access to diverse and well-produced literature that’s relevant to their experiences and educational development. Golden Baobab Prize is an African literary award that encourages the production of African literature for children and youth. During 2011, they received 170 submissions from 12 countries in Africa.

  • Soledad Piñero Misa, Retoy

    80% of Swedish children lack knowledge of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. At Retoy, 110,000 children have had the opportunity to learn about children’s rights and sustainability in 2011.

  • Michael Baabu, Safe Child

    Road accidents are the leading cause of death and disability among 5- to 21-year-olds in Africa today. Safe Child Ghana prevents injuries and promotes safety among children and youth. During 2011, 100,000 children have been educated using Safe Child Ghana’s play-and-learn method.

  • Miriam Lundquist, LajvVerkstaden

    Instead of exploring knowledge, young people today are expected to learn by passive transference of information from adults. LajvVerkstaden promotes the development of a different education system in which students actively participate and gain confidence in their ability to make a difference.

  • Susan Saaba, CRRECENT

    Young people in Ghana who come into conflict with the law and are put into correctional centers usually fall back into crime when they’re released. CRRECENT offers a structured reintegration program that helps ex-inmates return to society.

  • Åsa Järnhäll Olsson & Johanna Järnhäll, Barnkraft

    In Sweden, ten police reports a day are filed about children falling victim to sexual abuse. Barnkraft aims to prevent child abuse through information and has developed a supportive educational material for school children and professionals.

  • David Lillo, Löparakademin

    In Sweden, there are groups of people between the ages of 16 and 24 who are excluded from the labor market. Löparakademin use long-distance running as a tool to teach young people in the Stockholm suburbs how to set and achieve their professional goals.

  • Malin Agn,

    200,000 children between the ages of 6 and 11 years are overweight in Sweden, and that number is rising. In 2011, has provided scientifically based training to the parents of 9,267 children, so that they in turn can help their children lead a healthier life.

  • Patricia Rawecka, Gro

    Choosing a more sustainable lifestyle must not be an effort driven by guilt. Gro Play wants to inspire the next generation to a sustainable lifestyle though, physical and digital, games and toys. Play is not only the most fun, but also the most powerful, way of learning.


Thank you all that have been supporting our work during 2011. Some of you are mentioned below, but many more have been engaged and participated in our activities during the year.

Steering Committee

  • Torun Litzén, Kinnevik
  • Petra Colleen, MTG
  • Andreas Thors, Metro
  • Pernilla Oldmark, Tele2
  • Michel Koppen, Millicom
  • Mikael Westerberg, Korsnäs

CSR Collaboration Group

  • Andreas Thors, Metro
  • Kristina Malm-Roempke, MTG
  • Stefan Petterson, Transcom
  • Torun Litzén, Kinnevik
  • Åse Bergstedt, Tele2


  • Alex Greidinger, Metro
  • Ama K Ababrese, Viasat1
  • Ama Daaku, Millicom
  • Angela Leibel, Bayport
  • Anna Arvidsson, Metro
  • Anna Berggren, MTG
  • Bianca Backman, Metro
  • Caroline Johansson, Tele2
  • Christer Mellstrand, MTG
  • Eliza Kücükaslan, Milvik
  • Fredrik Ekström, Korsnäs
  • Göran Almén, Tele2
  • Jan Steinmann, MTG
  • Johan Ringberger, MTG
  • Johan Johansson, MTG
  • Johanna Stenson, Korsnäs
  • Johanna Öberg, Metro
  • Jonas Tränk, MTG
  • Justice Boahen, Consumer Finance Company
  • Karl Skoog, Tele2
  • Kia Agerheim, Metro
  • Kwabena Yaboah, Bayport
  • Kwesi Brew, Bayport
  • Lawrence Aryyeetey, Millicom
  • Linda Forsberg, Metro
  • Magnus Larsson, Tele2
  • Maria Redin, MTG
  • Marie Wennerhorn Håkanson, MTG
  • Nana Kwabena Ampratwum, Millicom
  • Patricia Kessie Bayport
  • Patrick Höijer, Tele2
  • Per Stigenberg, Tele2
  • Petra Colleen, MTG
  • Roshi Motman, Tele2
  • Selorm Adadevoh, Millicom
  • Sophie Strömbäck, Relevant Traffic
  • Stanley Okoh, Millicom
  • Tina Larbi-Odam, Consumer Finance Company
  • Vivi Darla, Tele2

Playing for Change Staff

  • Sara Damber, President
  • Johanna Hallin, Director Strategic Planning
  • Åsa Ödling, Coordinator
  • Marlene Claesson, Process Manager
  • Nafiye Bedirhanoglu, CSR Manager
  • Jon Goland, Regional Manager Africa
  • Pär Wiktorsson, Regional Manager Sweden
  • Åsa Hofmann, PR Manager Sweden


  • Anatoly Shapochka, Tele2 Russia
  • Andres Suazo, Tele2 Sweden
  • Afi Dzakpasu, Viasat1
  • Alexander Sergeev, Tele2 Russia
  • Alexander Sirotin, Metro St Petersburg
  • Alexandra Mikhailova, Viasat Russia
  • Alexey Kroll, Viasat Russia
  • Ajith Fernando, Millicom
  • Angelica Netje, Metro
  • Ann Höglund, Metro Sv
  • Anna Carrascosa, MTG
  • Anna Krigsman, MTG
  • Anna Kron, Metro
  • Annika Kristersson, Tele2 Sweden
  • Audrey A S Zon, Millicom
  • Axel Malmberg, Metro Sweden
  • Azhar Damad, Metro International
  • Bianca Backman, Metro
  • Björn Johansson, Metro Göteborg
  • Boris Konoshenko, Metro Moscow
  • Bryan Arlow, Bayport
  • Carina Vedin, Metro Sweden
  • Carl Edman, MTG
  • Carlos Caceres, Millicom
  • Carola Wikström, MTG radio
  • Caroline Lord, MTG
  • Caroline Nyborg, Metro Göteborg
  • Carolinne Barholm, MTG
  • Cecilia Alwin. Metro Göteborg
  • Christin Hertzberg, MTG
  • Christina Padres, MTG
  • Christine Johansson, Metro Sweden
  • Christoffer Elfving, MTG
  • Christophe Soulet, Millicom
  • Daniel Jarlheden, Metro Göteborg
  • David Thorzén, Tele2 Sweden
  • Dmitry Strashnov, Tele2 Russia
  • Eduarda Taveira, Metro International
  • Ekaterina Gerasimova, Tele2 Russia
  • Elena Isaykina, Tele2
  • Elin LI, Korsnäs
  • Elisabeth Jonasson, Metro Sweden
  • Emma Ericstam, Metro Sweden
  • Eric Twum Ansah, Bayport
  • Eric Van Kuijzen, Millicom
  • Erika Smedbro, Metro Göteborg
  • Eva Karlsson, Metro Sweden
  • Eva Johansen, Korsnäs
  • Eva Åhlin, Tele2
  • Filip Engelbert,
  • Filippa Tydén, Tele2 Sweden
  • Fredrik Sjövall, Metro Sweden
  • Fredrik Skantorp, Metro Göteborg
  • Gabriel Quartey, Bayport
  • Gabriel J. Cosp, Millicom
  • Gabriella Frankander, Metro Sweden
  • Galina Sokolova, Millicom
  • Gareth Townley, Viasat
  • Grigori Matyzhev, Metro St Petersburg
  • Gwendoline Okwabi, Millicom
  • Hanna Franzen, MTG
  • Henrik Bengtsson, Metro International
  • Hilma Gustavsson, Tele2
  • Inessa Galaktionova, Tele2 Russia
  • James Botchwey, Viasat1
  • Janina Malmgren, Metro Göteborg
  • Jeremy Bryant, Metro International
  • Jessika Nyström, MTG
  • Johanna Runebjörk, Metro International
  • Johanna Frisk, Tele2 Sweden
  • Jonas Johnsson, Tele2
  • Josefin Roos, Metro Göteborg
  • Julia Savkina, Tele2 Russia
  • Julia Sidorenko, Viasat Russia
  • Justice Odartei Lamptey, Millicom
  • Karin Siverbo, MTG
  • Katarina Wirten-lindau, Tele2 Sweden
  • Katharina Kuylenstierna, Metro Sv
  • Kent Andersson, Metro Sv
  • Kirill Alyavdin, Tele2 Russia
  • Kofi Adu Mensah, Bayport
  • Kovan Akwari, MTG/Viasat
  • Ksenia Timochenko, Viasat Russia
  • Kweku Yankson, Millicom
  • Leif Stegrin, Metro Göteborg
  • Lena Ferm, Metro Göteborg
  • Lena Lindholm, MTG
  • Lillemor Walenius, Metro Göteborg
  • Lina Järsö, MTG
  • Linda Olsson, MTG
  • Lisen Almqvist, Kinnevik
  • Lotta Carlsson, MTG
  • Lubov Olshevskaya, Viasat Russia
  • Lukas Nyqvist, Tele2
  • Lydia Adu-Gyamfi, Millicom
  • Madelein Hammar, Tele2 Sweden
  • Margareta Najafian, Metro International
  • Maria Hempel, Metro Göteborg
  • Maria Georgson, Metro Sweden
  • Martin Hasselgren, Metro Göteborg
  • Martina Feuer, MTG
  • Matilda Karlsson, MTG
  • Michael Mocke, Consumer Finance Company
  • Milana Bogatyreva, Viasat Russia
  • Mona Andersson, Metro SV
  • Natalia Myasnikova, Agro-invest
  • Natalia Nemova, Viasat Russia
  • Nathaniel Nii Addy, Bayport
  • Nicolas De Gasperi, Millicom
  • Nils Dyne, Metro Göteborg
  • Oleg Evstafiev, Metro Russia
  • Olga Kamoylenko, Agro-invest
  • Olga Mordkovich, Tele2 Russia
  • Olga Tsvetkova, Tele2 Russia
  • Oscar Sehlberg Westergard, Millicom
  • Oskar Tornvall, Metro Sweden
  • Per Lorentz, MTG
  • Peter Widen, Metro Göteborg
  • Peter Hall, Tele2
  • Peter Rydström, Metro Sweden
  • Peter Sallen, Tele2
  • Peter Widen, Metro Göteborg
  • Philip Larsson, Metro Göteborg
  • Philipp Kudryavtsev, Tele2 Russia
  • Prince Acheampong, Millicom
  • Rebecka Karlsson, Metro Sweden
  • Regis Romero, Millicom
  • Rickard Lindholm, Metro Sv
  • Robert Eriksson, Korsnäs
  • Rolf Johansson, Tele2 Sweden
  • Ronnie Schmidt, MTG
  • Rosy Fynn, Millicom
  • Rune Skogeng, Viasat1
  • Sabina Fager, Korsnäs
  • Samuel Skott, Tele2 Sweden
  • Samuel L. Tetteh, Millicom
  • Sarah Hakeem, Millicom
  • Sebastian Svensson, Tele2 Sweden
  • Shamon Tainer, MTG
  • Sofia Wikström, P4C
  • Sophia Udden Kinnevik
  • Staffan Westman, Tele2
  • Styrbjörn Holmberg, Tele2 Sweden
  • Svetlana Skvortsova, Tele2 Russia
  • Tatiana Ryabova, Tele2 Russia
  • Therese Bojler, MTG
  • Therese Stahlen, MTG
  • Therese Sundberg, Tele2 Sweden
  • Therese Trolle, Metro International
  • Thomas Lindstedt, Korsnäs
  • Thomas T. Eshun, Millicom
  • Timo Ponkka, Korsnäs
  • Tismark Inja, Millicom
  • Titus Tetteh Nanor, Millicom
  • Ulla Koldenstam, Tele2
  • Urika Nordlander, MTG
  • Wilf Maunoir, Metro International
  • Valentina Karabelnikova, Tele2 Russia
  • Vladimir Silin, Tele2 Russia
  • Yad Azad, Tele2
  • Zorigto Sakhanov, Agro-invest